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Beverly Hunter

Beverly Hunter is the Owner/Director of Turning of the Light Learning Centre Inc and has over 25 years of experience working with Special Needs children (Sylvan Learning Centre, Waldorf School and other private schools and learning centers) and their families. 

She is also passionate to support adults  with severe traumas, accident and major illnesses.


Passion, Knowledge, Compession

Years of Experience and Proven Results

Over 25 years of experience in her learning centre with Special Needs children has inspired and given Beverly Hunter her great insight in working with learning challenges. 

Her compassion and ability to honour each individual shows both in her teaching and her individual client work. 

Beverly is a Balance Board Instructor and an award-winning and internationally-recognized Certified Instructor of Educational Kinesiology, including Brain Gym®, Optimal Brain Organization, and Vision Circles. She is also a certified Instructor of Touch for Health and a Core Specialist in Masgutova Neurosensory-Motor Reflex Integration [MNRI].

Educational Kinesiology Courses Include:
- Brain Gym 101
- Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers
- Brain Gym Teacher Practicum
- Optimal Brain Organization
- Vision Circles
- Seven Dimensions of Intelligence [In-depth]
- Balance Board [Learning and Gravity]

- Touch for Health [Levels I to IV]

- Reset [Kinergetics]
- Masgutova Neurosensory-Motor Reflex Integration [MNRI]